Aardvark diagram and details.

This design was based off of early birds of pray, such as the 6 to 9ft birds that would roam the savanna's of old. Though looking at it from today's point of view you could consider it more ostridge like or even swan. This is a diagram of a submersible commercial ship, comparable to a 737 airplane.

Lithodes diagram, based of studies from rock crabs and lobsters.

Swordfish diagram and details of inner hull and loading mechanics. This was also a study for the painting.

Complete workings and cross-section of the Swordfish. This was to give complete understanding of how it functioned and was assembled.


Designs for Tuckerbots, sketches to give note to all the structure that goes into each creation. These are my building blocks for the final paintings that depict the vehicle in a scene. The blueprints are just as important as the paintings are and each need each other.

Concept Design