Aardvark 2008, 26x34 watercolor.

Lithodes 2009, 35x55 watercolor & gouache.

Darkwater 2009, 23x15 watercolor & gouache.

Ostridge Submersible 2008, 15x11 watercolor & gouache.

Aardvark Cockpit 2009, 23x30 watercolor & gouache.

Seaport 2009, 15x11 watercolor.

Lost Expeditions, submersible.

Lost Expeditions, Ambush.

Lost Expeditions, Cathedral of Water.

Lost Expeditions, Stratus Magnus.


These are creations made off skeletal drawings from early mammals and sea creatures. I spent a good deal of time in natural history museums collecting sketches and information from the exhibits. The final output are these wondrous machines that mimic nature. I made them to substitute the needs of personal and commercial transport such as; cars, oil tankers, construction vehicles, and other mass media needs.

Concept Art